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We are moving to Rapid! PayCards

Rapid! PayCards are here! On Friday, November 2nd, 2018, Rapid! PayCards have been officially made available. All employees will receive their funds for the first time through their card on November 9th, 2018.  

Benefits of Rapid! PayCards:

* Prompt Payment: Deposits are credited on payday.

* Convenience: No special trips to pick up and deposit checks.

* Freedom: Payments are automatically deposited to your card, even if you are out of town or ill.

* Savings: No check cashing fees.

Rapid Pay Card – FAQ

Rapid Pay Card Account Login 

For support for your Rapid! PayCard, please call  1-877-380-0980



Walmart – 1005 N Statford Rd.
Umpquah Bank – 101 E 4th Ave.
Wheatland Bank – 1442 S Pioneer Way
Horizon Credit Union – 1704 S Clover Dr.
US Bank – 203 E 3rd Ave.
Keybank Cash Adv. – 314 E 3rd Ave.
Cash AWB – 322 S Division St.
Chase Bank – 323 S Division St.
Washington Trust Bank – 402 S. Ash St.
Horizon Credit Union B – 601 S. Pioneer Way


US Bank – 401 E Main St.
Umpqua – 450 E Main St.
Columbia Bank – 605 E Main St.


US Bank – 116 S Main St.

Employee Portals

We understand our employees work odd hours and various locations, coming into our office can be difficult with conflicting work schedules. We are working hard to provide efficient solutions to accommodate the needs of our employees.

We are excited to announce that the Employee Portal is now available. You can now access your work history and download your Pay Stubs as you need them. We will continue to release new features in the following weeks.